Maya’s Work

“Art does not reproduce the visible; rather it makes visible.” 

The words of Swiss Artist, Paul Klee, inspire Maya k Schweizer, a painter living in California.  Her work is influenced by a strong use of color and design as she evokes the inner world of imagination and fantasy. Paintings often begin with words and letter fragments as a bridge from the world of language into the vast inner world of fantasy. Some paintings retain a visible script, in others the letterforms reside just beneath the surface, resonating with a subtle but distinctive vibrational energy as the painting is transformed into abstractions of glowing color.

Schweizer’s work, abstract and fanciful, is expressed in acrylic, watercolor and mixed media works. Her paintings make visible an inner landscape of imagination and fantasy, a needed oasis in our fast paced global world.  She has taught painting and art history to High School seniors and adults for several decades and presented lectures and workshops on Studio Art and Art History at conferences of the California Art Education Association, CAEA  and California Association of Independent Schools, CAIS.  She exhibits in the U.S. and India and art is included in personal collections around the globe.